Our story

Hello! Welcome to SAFEAT® Work Gear. So glad you’re here.

SAFEAT® is a work gear company, offering work and safety related products with high control on the build quality and design. SAFEAT® was founded by two visionary entrepreneurs with two decades of hands on work related experience in engineering and construction industry. High levels of work injuries and illnesses in manufacturing industry has forced us to solve the daily pains and needful gains of work gear in it to be more human friendly. We thrive to bring in depth knowledge to community and spread the high end of safety technology in the field.
We are in the process of increasing our product selection, improving with customer feedback, opening new sales channels and markets, as well as creating a brand different than any other in the industry - practical, inspiring, science and knowledge based.
To support this rapid growth and brand development, our small yet wildly international team is growing with customers. Our first product, Doyentrontex enhanced cut resistant work gloves, is our flagship and will lead the way to wide range of next work safety gears that are currently under design and development.
Today SAFEAT® is selling directly to consumers through a variety of online sales channels in North America and Europe, with the majority of our customers coming from the US. Our aim is to become one of the leading industry brands and achieving #1 best rankings for our specific products with customer satisfaction. SAFEAT® is providing customers quick delivery and quality customer service with practical knowledge.


Our mission:

The best user experience of a work gear troughout its life cycle

Our core principles:

  • We are stable and reliable;
  • We are fair, open and care about our clients, partners and our employees;
  • We are committed to our profession, hard-working and consistent;
  • We are focused on continuous development and perfection, progress is our inner drive;
  • We are ambitious to create innovative safety solutions;

4 pillars of values on SAFEAT®:

Progressive – products and know-how based on cutting edge of safety technology;
Innovative – going for and implementing new aspects in our products, organisation and solutions;
Credibility – we aspire to create and maintain exceptionally loyal customers and work gear;
Integrity – uniting different specific cross-sector competence addressing all essential aspects of product design and technology;
SafeAt Safety 4 pillars